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Solar Lighting Kit

Solar Lighting Kit

UNICEF Standard
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

  • 30/60/90 Wp solar panel configurations

  • Directly compatible with UNICEF approved High Performance Tents (24/48/72 m²) or similar multi- purpose tents

  • Fit-for-purpose for use in humanitarian, home and tent settings

  • Indoor tube lights has separate dimmer controls

  • Outdoor tube light with on/off control

  • 2A USB charging outlet with current control

  • Has power saving mode that ensures 3 hours of light at low mode

  • User-friendly 5 LED indicators for battery life, and low power mode

  • Single button to control pilot lamp and battery status

  • Built in pilot lamp for easy location in dark

  • Easily replaceable 12.8V/84Wh

  • Expected lifespan is > 3 years, or 1500 cycles (LiFePo4)

  • Colors and logos can be customized as per customer requirements


2x 30 cm Tube Light 1400 lumens

1x 15 cm Tube Light 200 lumens

Run time

Full charge: 6 hours

Emergency mode: 3 hours @ 10% of max. lumens (*Phone charging will reduce lighting run time)

Color characteristicsCRI 80/5000K
Battery lifespanMore than 3 years or 1500 cycles
Product colorCustomizable to client requirements