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Jerry Bucket

Jerry Bucket

Oxfam Standard
  • Improved 14-litre bucket designed to act as a stackable safe water container (rather than as a multipurpose bucket) and to combat the alarming incidence of drinking water contamination

  • An HDPE lid is tightly fitted to the body of the bucket through an improved rim lock design

  • A larger lid opening with a clip-on-cap allows better cleaning and easier filling from hand pumps

  • An optional tap makes taking water from the container simple

  • The curved edges at the base prevents dirt and bacteria accumulation

  • Made from virgin HDPE high density polyethylene (body of the bucket, lid and cap) and virgin LDPE low density polyethylene (handle)

  • Allows easy distribution in large numbers and considerable freight savins

  • Strong and durable quality for a long-life span in tough conditions


Min. 14 L

Top diameter

300 mm ±5%


300 mm ±5%

Bottom diameter240 mm ±5%
Cover with clip on cap diameter100 mm
Component weights

Bucket: min 650 g, Lid and cover: min. 175 g, Handle: min. 30 gm Optional tap: 24 g

Gross weight

Bucket, lid, cover & handle: 870 g, Bucket with tap, lid, cover & handle: 890 g


Made from food grade virgin HDPE high density polyethylene and virgin LDPE low density polyethylene, according to EN1186- 3-9. Manufactured by injection molding process

TopReinforced to prevent ovaling

Plastic LDPE to ensure easy carrying by hand, strong, flat construction

The lid that can be closed tightly, making it extremely difficult to remove. The lid has a larger opening with a clip on cap. Virgin HDPE high density polyethylene
Optional tap
Durable plastic (HDPE) tap with turn knob, fixed to bucket through hole with locking nut
Clip-on cap
Outer diameter of clip-on cap: 108 mm ±5%, Inner diameter of cap: 100 mm ±5%, Outer diameter of cap: 104 mm ±5%
Reinforced bottom edge to prevent scraping of the base. Reinforced top to prevent ovaling. Curved inside base to the walls for easy cleaning
Lid and cap: bright green (pantone 7488c) OR any other color upon request